Why Is Your Net Banking Not Working For You?

The majority of customers use net banking services daily for their regular banking. Net Banking has become so popular among people’s lives that any technology cannot replace this online banking service. But many people sometime face the issue of non working. Why is net banking not working in your case?

People use net banking almost daily to check their account balance, pay credit card bills, investment and sip services, and check loan status. Now customers are provided with the ability to do self- transactions and perform almost every banking task independently.

Any mishappening in the functioning of online banking may cause a massive disruption in your banking experience. While this disruption in net banking is not a big deal for specific users, others get agitated when their net banking is not working.

Reasons Behind Net Banking Not Working

There are times when customers contact their bank to inquire about why their net banking is not working for them, and banks try to provide satisfactory reasons for that. But customers do not have the idea or do not understand what the customer care executive is talking about. 

This is the sole reason we have come up with a simple list of factors that might disrupt your net banking experience. This is specially helpful when you are dealing with net banking casinos and you are stuck on the payments.

  • Account Not Registered

Many banks allow customers to make their bank account online, while others allow customers to book an appointment with a representative. Either way, users are provided with a kit to proceed with their initial registration on a net banking account.

New customers try to register to their net banking account, but the bank does not fully authorize their account.

  • Wrong Username or Password

The majority of times, when a customer is provided with the initial net banking kit, they try to put the wrong username or password on the net banking site.

The sole reason for a wrong username or password input is that banks try to create a unique username and password for each customer. Due to the vast client base, the difficulty level of a username and password increases.

The wrong username and password submission are common mistakes responsible for the inconvenience while accessing their net banking. Since the initial kit offered to the customers is digitally typed or printed, many customers get confused between two letters.

  • Absent kit details in the bank

One of the rarest reasons for disturbance while accessing net banking is when the bank employee forgets to enter your kit details in the customer information file. This is quite rare because bank employees are highly trained and do not usually make such mistakes.

Net Banking not working

  • No mapping of net banking and customers account

There are times when the employee enters all correct information of the customer in the system, and all the data of the account details are valid in the bank database. But there is no proper mapping from your username to your account. In such cases as well, you can sometimes face the question as to why net banking is not working.

  • Initial kit not used for a long time

One of the most common reasons behind your net banking not working is that customers cannot differentiate between the initial net banking kit and the welcome kit provided by the bank.

There are times when the initial net banking is not used for a long time, and hence it expires; many customers do not even have an idea that the initial net banking has an expiry date.

  • Debit Card not yet the issue

Many banks ask for debit card details to activate the net banking account. Hence if you haven’t received your issued debit card from the bank, you won’t use net banking services before that.

Many banks also require that you should complete at least one transaction before you make a register to your online banking account.

  • Services Not Authorized

If you cannot access a banking service on your net banking account, there are high chances that the bank has restricted those services for your banking account for your safety.

Many banks allow the “Read Only” rights to their new users, so if you are trying to transfer funds from your account to someone else’s, please make sure that the bank authorizes you to do so.

  • Server Error

If you face a server error while accessing your net banking account, there is a high possibility that there is some technical issue from the bank’s end.

Often, a server error occurs in front of users because the bank’s servers are either under maintenance or down.

What to do Next?

If you are a new customer and trying to register to your net banking account for the first time, we suggest reading all the information given on your initial net banking kit. To avoid the issue of net banking not working, keep a close eye on the numbers that are difficult to read and are misleading when you sign in.

For fund transfer and online payments, you need to contact your bank and ask them to activate your fund transfer rights.

We would encourage you to log in to your net banking account via desktop for the first time. Just for the sake of simplicity, using net banking on a desktop gives you more screen space.

For the issues related to website slow response, try to clear your cache history. There is high chance that some sites save cookies on your system, and once the site is updated to a new version, the cookies might create a lag in the site’s response.

You can always call your bank for assistance if you do not understand anything while using the net banking site.

If your net banking site stops working while you are making a transaction, and the money got deducted from your account, contact your bank and clear your doubts regarding the refund.


At last, it doesn’t matter what is the reason behind the disturbance you face while using net banking. There is no such bug that the bank cannot fix.

Bank representatives are always there to help you in case your net banking is not working or you face any issue with your transaction. Net banking is one of the best ways to access banking services.

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